Tei@DHIB Introduction

Till Grallert

2 March 2015


Workshop: From Analogue Documents to Electronic Texts: Introduction to TEI XML Editing in Multilingual Environments

Dates and location: 2-6 March 2015, 10-12am and 2-4pm, computer lab at Fisk Hall, AUB

Instructor: Till Grallert, OIB,

Course material: http://tinyurl.com/dhib2015tei; password “dhibeirut2015tei”

Slides were produced using MultiMarkDown, Pandoc, and Slidy JS code.


By the end of this week you’ll have a basic knowledge of

and all that in multi-lingual (English and Arabic) environments


… or, in less giberish terms, of


… or, since a picture is worth more than a thousand words, as the saying goes, how to get from the paper copies in front of you …

Image of al-Bashīr

Image of al-Bashīr


… to this …

al-Bashīr as TEI XML file

al-Bashīr as TEI XML file


… and finally to that:

al-Bashīr as website

al-Bashīr as website


You will also have seen four different early-twentieth century newspapers from Beirut–al-Bashīr, al-Iqbāl, Lisān al-Ḥāl, and Thamarāt al-Funūn–and their reaction to the Young Turk Revolution and the restoration of the Ottoman constitution in July 1908. In addition, you will have encountered three different Arabic translations of that very constitution.

Tentative schedule

The schedule is preliminary and tentative and we’ll adopt it to the needs and the tempo of the course:

Day 1: Introduction to the game

1 Morning Session

2 Afternoon Session

Day 2: data capture and organisation

3 Morning Session

4 Afternoon Session

Day 3: retrieving and displaying data

5 Morning Session

Participants are free to join other courses of the DHI Beirut from 11 to 11:30

6 Afternoon Session

Day 4: names and named entities

7 Morning Session

8 Afternoon Session

Day 5: Facsimile linking and wrap-up

9 Morning Session

10 Afternoon Session