Since at least 2011 I find myself increasingly engaged in what is increasingly labelled digital humanities or dh. This is not the place to engage in the long discussions on what does or does not constitute dh, whether one has to build tools for computational analysis informed by the humanisties’ research questions or whether one has to theorise the shift towards a new digital paradigm and episteme, whether we should all be sitting in a big tent or not, whether the increasing institutionalisation of DH (this time with capital letters) is responsible for or just a part of the “neoliberal” threat to the humanities or whether dh can indeed contribute to critical humanities.

Instead this page will simply link to current and past research projects that I would broadly label as dh. The most important of them which is currently occupying quite a bit of my time is the GitHub-hosted digital edition of Muḥammad Kurd ʿAlī’s monthly periodical al-Muqtabas (The Digest), published between 1906 and 1918/19 in Cairo and Damascus. As the project has beget the sister edition of al-Haqāʾiq, also published in Damascus between 1910 and 1912, this might evolve into a larger project of “Digital Editions of Early Arabic Periodicals”. For the time being, however, the Digital Muqtabas project has it’s own project blog.