After more than two years the proceedings of the conference “Digital Humanities and Islamic & Middle East Studies” including my methodological essay on mapping newspaper discourses on the topography of late Ottoman Damascus have been published under the same title with de Gruyter. Elias Muhanna, who had organised the conference held between October 2013 at Brown University, did a great job as editor of the volume which is now available online and—ironically—in print for the substantial price of € 99.95 / USD 140.1 It comprises essays by Elias Muhanna, Travis Zadeh, Dagmar Riedel, Chip Rosetti, Nadia Yaqub, Maxim Romanov, Alex Bley, José Haro Peralta and Peter Verkinderen, Joel Blecher, Dwight F. Reynolds, and myself.

We are not allowed to share digital galley proofs of our essays, but I will make the text available here in the near future. The maps accompanying my essay and the code is already available on GitHub.

  1. Muhanna, Elias (ed.). Digital Humanities and Islamic & Middle East Studies. Boston, Berlin: De Gruyter, 2016; Grallert, Till. “Mapping Ottoman Damascus Through News Reports: A Practical Approach.” In Digital Humanities and Islamic & Middle East Studies. Edited by Elias Muhanna. Boston, Berlin: De Gruyter, 2016: 175–98.